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Car Rental in Chesterfield

Competitive Car Rental - Exceptional Service

Competitive Car Rental, Exceptional Service.

Here at Serpent Motors we are proud to offer the most affordable car rental packages in Chesterfield.
Our range of cars include Fiat Punto's, Ford Fiesta hatchbacks and Toyota Avensis Saloons.

We are very proud of our car fleet, all of our rental cars are cleaned daily as required and regularly serviced. We also have a no smoking policy with our rental cars so the interior is smoke free.

We will make your car rental experience the best that it can be by ensuring you have access to a reliable and affordable car throughout your car rental period.
A car rental with us gets cheaper the longer you rent. We offer a special 2 day plus rate on all our car rentals. Give us a call to start saving!
Don't queue for the bus! Cruise in comfort! Hassle free & at an affordable price.


For a completely free, no-obligation conversation on your van rental needs please call us on 01246 279 920 our highly trained staff are waiting to hear from you.

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