Calor Gas

Gas and Welding Hire

We stock a wide range of calor and butane gas bottles for heating, cooking, caravanning, forklift and commercial needs with a refill, exchange available on all your existing bottles.

Stop Paying Rental with our welding gas bottles

Our commercial range of gas bottles are available for all your welding needs in a range of cylinder sizes and types to achieve outstanding welding results every time. Refillable bottles with no disposal costs. No bottle rental. For Hobby and trade users. Rent free refillable welding gas cylinders – oxygen, argon, nitrogen, carbon diaoxide, 5% CO2/Argon mix. Other mixes of gases can be made available to your requirements. Ideal for customers who want to be able to do a professional job but do not want the expense of monthly bottle rental on cylinders that are not fully in use.

For pricing and availability, give us a call on 01246 207030.